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JSS Engineering Campus, Mysuru

JSS Engineering Campus, Mysuru

Admin & Acdemic Block

The concept is based on the traditional Indian greeting of ‘namaste’, in which the hands are placed together in a heartfelt gesture of hospitality and welcome. The two wings of the Admirative block symbolize the hands; the facades are finished in glass which resembles simplicity and clarity.

  • The Administrative tower portion of the tower includes rooms which cater to the ‘JSS University’ standards
  • Other Academic blocks are designed in “JSS” font style as self-symbolizing of campus area.
  • Academic and Admin block states that or Which means “JSS welcomes” all to its campus


The entire bay area planning follows the basic logic of “point, line and plane to create contemporary urban spatial sequence of man, sea and sky”. Inspired by the idea of wave, the building focuses on the theme of “air”, extracts the concept of “water drop and wave” from waves and creates an image on the cloud. The whole building resembles the wave to create a dialogue between the building and nature, and the building has become a symbolic existence between the sky and the earth.

Boy’s Hostel

The word swastika comes from Sanskrit svastika, meaning “conducive to well being”. In Hinduism, the right-facing symbol (clockwise) (卐) is called swastika, symbolizing surya (“sun”), prosperity and good luck
In our design all the rooms are well lit and airy which means no room for darkness (negativity) and made room look bright (prosperity) and airy (good Luck). Also, we have integrated all passages are opening into natural and landscaped area within the building block.

Girls hostel

According to the five elements theory, everything in nature is made up of five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space/Sky . We have adapted these 5 elements in design, as an attempt to balance the mind, body & soul of every user in that place.
We have followed a set of informal “rules”, based on specific design principles. These design elements include space, line, forms, light, color, texture and pattern; and keeping them balanced is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing design.
Each of these five elements is energetically associated with a particular cardinal direction. This is not an arbitrary alignment but an acceptance of the subtle laws of nature.

1. Earth / Bhoomi – The element of Earth is usually represents solidity ,stability and grounding .
The earth element is associated with the sun and the best choice for locating it in the east direction .Reception, warden room is placed in east direction as they reinforces the position of the head of the department and acts like a solid and grounding element.
2. Water / Jala – Water is characterized by its ability to flow, adapt, and bind substances as well as its healing nature.
North is the direction where the energy waves of the water element collect. This makes it the best place for locating indoor water features.
3. Fire / Agni – The Fire element acts as a cleanser that burns up toxins and impurities, thereby keeping diseases at bay. It is the source of heat and power and brings confidence and courage.
The fire element is predominant in the south, so it is best for locating kitchen and electrical appliances.
4. Air / Vaayu – The element of Air acts as a channel for clear communication and self-expression.
Since air is free flow there is no particular direction. Courtyard acts as this element
5. Space/ akasha – Space acts as the container for all the other elements and is the element from which all other elements originate, and to which they all return. It can be cold when lacking fire, dry when lacking water; it can be immobile due to lack of air, or lightweight because it lacks the heavy earth. It’s omnipresent since it’s the space between all the other elements. Hence the all the room acts as space

Step office

The concept of science and technology entrepreneurship. Rainbow Colors It is light, beauty and harmony, but also mental balance, comfort and excitement. Colors and architecture are necessary to embellish, highlight illuminate in separate spaces and also or to transmit sensations and comfort that promote economic and social development through the creation of technology and knowledge flows between companies, institutions or research and development units. To forge a close linkage between universities, academic and R and D institutions on one hand and industry on the other. It offers facilities such as nursery sheds, testing and calibration facilities, precision tool room, central workshop, prototype development, business facilitation, computing data bank, library and documentation, communication, seminar hall, conference room, common facilities such as phone, telex, fax, photocopying it offers services like testing and calibration, consultancy training, technical support services, business facilities, consultation services, database and documentation services, quality assurance services and common utility services.

Master Plan

Upgradation of entry and exit gate complex

At present one entry and one exit points are in different locations and around
9000 peoples are using this facility daily. The extent of this campus is 102.00
Acres Now it is proposed to design one gated community with both entry and exit points are to be in the same location with pedestrians walkers on both sides and also a separate pathway for cyclists.

Bicycle lane width 2.25m
Covers length of 2.4kms



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