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Kaya Skin Care Clinic

Kalburgi Women & Child Hospital (Kwch) @ Gulbarga

Kaya Skin Clinic has a strong focus on noninvasive skin care services (including facials, laser and Botox) for their customers. Because of this, customers find themselves lying down in a horizontal position for long periods of time. So for RASME, One of the key innovation drives was ensuring that the ceiling design was subtly moody and non-distracting for their customers to be looking at while carrying out their treatments. The treatment and doctor rooms have an interesting ceiling with concealed lighting and services to guarantee a seamless and exciting design. The ceiling has been designed to smartly hide the AC, sprinklers, smoke detectors and emergency lighting, keeping the ceiling “clutter-free”. The LED lighting strips in the ceilings are also color changing to allow customers to interpret their mood lighting based on personal preferences.
At a conceptual level, the design also reinforces the personalized bespoke solutions that Kaya provides for each customer and subtly unlocks the vitality to ensure that they look and feel their best.
The color scheme used brings a vibrancy, energy and radiance to the overall identity with its gradient of purples, violets and pinks on a backdrop of pure whites and anodized aluminum. The design also focuses on seamless integration of all required elements from the Health Authorities and integration of large-scale equipment. From hand sanitizers to doctor’s certificates, to DHA certificates in the reception and doctors office to waste bins and laser equipment in treatment rooms; everything has been designed with a space for it and not as merely an afterthought.



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